Sacred Marriage Review

This book gives insight to a biblical understanding of God’s design for marriage. With a continuous increase in divorce statistics it is imperative that every believer have a profound comprehension of God’s purpose and plan for biblical marriage. Many think that marriage is for pure self gratification, a place to fulfill both romantic and sexual desires with someone whom we deem fit to call our spouse. Television and other media sources have programmed women to think they should live a fairy-tale lifestyle that consists of finding a prince charming, throwing a lavish wedding, live in a large beautiful castle, and have babies. Men are looking for a woman who can cook, clean, fulfill their sexual desires on command and be at their every beckon call. Ok maybe I exaggerated a little on our expectations (or did I?), but you get the just of it. What if I told you that God’s design for marriage is not for our own personal happiness, but for our holiness. Of course God wants us to be happy, don’t miss my point what I’m saying is that marriage is not made for the purpose to put a smile on your face. In actuality it is designed to do the exact opposite at times, but that’s because it forces you to deal with you in a way you are not privy to in your singleness.

Biblical marriage looks like holiness, Christ-like servitude, and sacrifice. Does it still sound appealing? When we fully come to understand the significance of marriage and its true purpose maybe we wouldn’t rush into as much. In this book scared marriage, author Gary Thomas goes into great depth uncovering the meaning behind Biblical marriage, with examples, explanations and scripture that parallel to God’s design and purpose for marriage. At its core marriage is designed to be a true reflection of our character. Our spouses are used as a mirror to show us every flaw, imperfection, and even the sin we have yet to deal with. That’s right, its shows us the ugly truth about ourselves. (YUCK!) Marriage is used to purify believers cleansing us of any pride, ego, or self centered attitude. As a spouse our main objective is to SERVE! Our marriage being our ministry, and our spouse being the vehicle in which God has blessed us with to show honor to him. We are not to point out the sin in our partners, but to understand and recognize how we as individuals can be a better spouse to our significant other. We should be thinking of better ways to serve one another as oppose to trying to change the other person, that’s God’s job anyway. Marriage is the process of taking two individuals, gathering them together to become one in body and spirit so much so that we begin to see our shortcomings through the lenses of another person.

Then we have direct understanding as to how to better love, and forgive thus becoming more like Christ. And when we start to shine like God there is nothing that can stop us from receiving all that he has stored up in heaven to bless our lives. Your marriage will propel you into your destiny. For example, in the book Gary used two prominent men: Abraham Lincoln, and Charles Lindberg. Both American heroes, but studying their marriages is what really supports his thesis for God’s design. I don’t want to give it away, so you should definitely read the book. Its for believers, non-believers, singles, married folks, and those seeking a spouse. It truly changed my perspective from wanting a husband that can do “blah blah blah” for me, to WHOA! When I get married I can’t wait to serve my husband like this, in an effort to please and honor God. Like in all things God wants us to be the best version of ourselves, so why would marriage be any different.


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