The Love Playbook (Review)

The Love Play Book: by Lala Anthony
Category: Love & Relationships/Motivational

Mrs. Carmelo Anthony also known as Lala, former MTV VJ host, goes into depth about love, and the core necessities to any grea...t developing relationship. Lala who is most known for her presence as a VJ host on the former MTV show TRL (Total Request Live) has since occurred in films such as Think Like a Man, & Think Like a Man 2, never ceases to amaze us. Just two years ago VH1 cameras followed this darling diva around to get insight on her wedding planning journey to NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony gives insight to women, and man everywhere, on her growth and maturity in love and career development. From starting out in Atlanta as a radio intern with other rising stars such as rapper Ludacris, to the budding, and blossoming love romance with hubby Carmelo. Lala gives great wisdom and advice for anyone looking to get established in a career of entertainment, as well as "How to snag a Baller" (the title of one chapter). She encourages women all over to get established in their careers first, have a clear prospective of your own life, chasing your own goals, and the prince charming will follow suit. All in all this book will inspire any young woman who has been through heartache over the wrong frog, while motivating you to stay focused on your own path. THIS IS A MUST READ for all women seeking to get motivation from a woman who is already established and still looking for ways to enhance herself as an asset to everyone she comes into contact with. "The Love Playbook" can be found at your local Barnes & Nobles, & Enjoy! This book gets 4 shoes!


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