The 5 Choices

Written By: Kyle Fogg

Just finished reading " The 5 choices" and loved it! It's all about productivity and time management. After reading this book you will be more conscious about how you spend your time, and moving toward your goals.
Choice 1 : Act on the important, don't react to the urgent- You want to spend most of your time in Quadrant 2. Planning, learning, creative thinking and building relationships. Watching TV is good to regroup and relax but only in moderation. Binge watching Netflix ( which I do smh ) is not helping us get to where we want to go!
Choice 2: Go for extraordinary, don't settle for ordinary - Rate yourself on the roles you have. Ex. I have.. Christian, Son, brother, Uncle, friend, basketball player etc. I have to see how I am doing in these roles and think about where I want to be! So much room to improve .

Choice 3: Schedule big rocks don't sort gravel - I do this all the time! Waste time on tasks that don't really "move the needle". We should plan daily, and weekly. " Planning can cause the success rate to accomplish goals 200-300%" everyday we have to write down the big things we want to work on for the day and get them done.
Choice 4 - Rule your technology, don't let it rule you - GET OFF YOUR PHONE! I'm yelling at you while mine is in my hand lol. Okay you don't have to be that drastic but make sure you aren't missing out on life because your head is in your phone. Also make sure you are using it as a tool to stay organized, track anything you want to measure, and help you in life instead of being a distraction. Don't live reacting to messages and emails. Make sure you are in control .
Choice 5: Fuel your fire don't let it burn out - "The power of purpose" this struck a cord with me because I feel like I have been put here to do my best to help others. This purpose has prevented me from hitting the snooze button countless times. Make sure you have a powerful reason 'why' .
I definitely recommend this book, after reading it I've been having some really productive days. Let's keep learning and growing


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