Ride Along Review


Ride Along Review:

After attending a screening this morning to new film "Ride Along" starring funny man Kevin Hart and rapper turned mega producer Ice Cube I regret to inform you to SAVE YOU...
R DOLLARS! As a fan of both stars I am sadly disappointed in the product they have stamped approved. While Hart and Ice Cube have been promoting non-stop to get viewers on board to rush out and purchase advance tickets, I must admit I am not enthused about investment I made. Was it funny?.......um "at moments" was it action packed?..... "hardly" it is nothing as they have portrayed recently in the media. I was looking forward to a "hilarious, laugh out loud, action packed buddy cop film better then the classic "Bad Boys" starring comedian Martin Lawrence and film guru Will Smith" I mean that is how they illustrated the film co-starring "The Have and the Have not's" actress Tika Sumpter. Its starting to make me second guess if the usually cameo star actor/comedian Kevin Hart has the stuff to carry a film? All in all I regret to inform you my faithful readers that this isn't a film worth spending your money to see, its just "OK" I suggest you all wait until its on RedBox for 1$. I won't prolong this post bashing the film just thank me later, until next time. Always check here before you buy your movie tickets. I rate this film 1 1/2 out of 5 shoes! @ChicCritiques


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