The People Factor

Book Review: The People Factor
Author: Van Moody
Category: Relationships

With all the drama we see on television surrounding relationships, one who began to suggest that love has become cliché, disrespectful, disloyal, and a waste of time. Well what if we actually took responsibility for the bozo’s we choose to be in our lives. Pastor Van Moody’s The People Factor gives great insight on how we can choose the right people to fulfill purpose within our lives. Moody’s sold out book describes how to build great relationships, end the bad ones, and living out your God-given purpose. Moody suggests that “every relationship you have will either hinder or help you” that everyone in your life including: friends, family, and potential spouse should be there for a purpose. If these people aren’t there to encourage, support, and lift you higher than they are simply weighing you down. After reading The People Factor you are eager to begin evaluating everyone in your life and the role they play. Each chapter reveals what it takes to have successful relationships, how to eliminate those that no longer serve any purpose, recognizing seasonal and destiny people you meet and understanding individuals of integrity. With scripture to back up his every word like “Bad company corrupts good character 1 Corinthians 15:33” Moody gently encourages people to choose wisely who they associate with understanding that there purpose is attached to everyone you embrace closely. It is wisdom matched with everyday truth. @ChicCritiques gives this book five shoes!


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