Sarah Jakes Is Here!

Lost & Found
Author: Sarah Jakes
Sarah Jakes daughter of world famous Bishop T.D. Jakes her certainly arrived. I am completely blown away by her new book Lost & Found to say the least! As daughter of one of the most fam...ous preachers in the world Sarah tells her story of tragedy, triumph, and deliverance. As many would like believe that somehow Pastors and PK’s (preachers kids) would somehow be exempt from the causalities of life her book has broken that stereotype. As Sarah courageously displays her mistakes of life you are on the edge of your seat holding eager to see just how candid and honest does she get with her story. I must admit her honesty and transparency is refreshing and appreciated to anyone who can attest to their own mishaps. While explaining her feelings of insecurity and unworthiness as a 14 year old pregnant teen sitting in the pews of her father’s mega church, to her one on one confrontation with her husband’s mistress, you are glued to the words on the page. Sarah says that she was “lost in the church, but found in the world” her story is one we can all learn form. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and was shockingly surprised as to how good of a read it was. This book comes highly recommended #ChicCritiques approved with a whopping 5 shoes. *****


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