Good Girls Web Series

Chic Critiques recently caught up with a few filmmakers at the Black Women in Film Network 2014 Film Festival. However one director stood out; Rhavynn Drummer. Drummer's whose new web series Good Girls had BWFN audience in awe of her transparency as a story teller. While highlighting the difficulties of dating for the "good girl" Rhavynn displayed candid and realistic stories that women today deal with in the dating scene. Her web series Good Girls is relatable, comedic, and derived "from experiences my friends and I have had as a women dating in Atlanta" says Drummer. It is Sex & the City for all the good girls out there! Chic Critiques approves this Web series with 3 shoes! You can catch Good Girls the web series on June 29, 2014 via YouTube. Check out the trailer for a glimpse.


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