Lemon Aid Chronicles

Book: Lemon Aid Chronicles
Author (s): Davida Bratton, Patrice Robbins, Tearanie Parker, Kimberly Davidson, Jacqueline Andrade, & Kimberly Jenkins

Testimony, triumph, and transparency; is the only way to describe my most recent reading experience. I had the pleasure of getting a copy of Lemon Aid Chronicles and it was a classic page turner. This book was the collective stories of six different women and how they have overcome life’s unpredictable obstacles with faith, perseverance and prayer. From battling diseases like Cancer, overcoming infidelity, and financial hardship this book glorified the Lord in a major way.  If you are in a storm of life it provides the hope you have been searching for. Lemon Aid Chronicles is persuasive in getting you off the couch and into your destiny, recognizing that God has given each of us purpose.  Reading how these ladies have unfolded their lives to highlight his divine will is utterly impressive. Each author reveals her individual sweet and bitter truth to build a collective book that empowers women everywhere.  It provides insight, and wisdom with room for you to write down your innermost thoughts and ideas right on the page; and questions that allow you to reflect on the author’s chapter. It was relatable, beautifully told, and ugly to hear the God honest truth at times. I am certain you will empathize with at least one woman’s if not all of their chapters; recognizing yourself in the very pages. This book is for you! Kudos ladies, looking forward to your individual books in the near future


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